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Dear colleagues and friends,
The Board, of which I am Chairman, began his term of 2 years, seeking SPNC's mission – to ensure the superior quality of neurosurgeons and neurosurgical care provided to the population, facilitating and implementing training programs, transmission of knowledge and development of the neurosurgical research in Portugal.
Our annual Conference will take place in Porto May 28-30, as already you have been notified by Paulo Pereira (President of the 31st Congress); knowing Paulo and his team , I have no doubt that our meeting will be a success.
We will do a joint congress in December with the Portuguese Society of Intensive Care at Coimbra with topics concerning both specialties. It will be a day and a half meeting (Friday afternoon and Saturday all day) with pre-Congress courses in 3 days prior. I think it will be for all a reunion of great usefulness and an added value for the trainees, since their internship contemplates 2 months compulsory in the ICU.
The EANS Summer Course (Head Injury/Functional) will be held this year in Lisbon from 30/8 to 3/9; as the Portuguese representative in the Training Committee (TC) I will be the host of the course. With the election of the new TC chairman Karl Schaller, the format of the courses will suffer some changes, notably with the introduction of the methodology of the Harvard case study.
Our web pages and Facebook were virtually at a standstill, with little information and usefulness. Alexandre Campos (web) and Francisco Belo (Facebook) will be responsible for its management and permanent update. 
The Congress of 2016 is at an advanced stage of design. As you know, it will be a joint meeting with SENEC, with full SPNC organizing responsibility. Given the number of participants (the average of the Spaniards in their annual Congress is about 600 people), we had to book the Estoril Congress Centre; the Organizing Committee is constituted by the current Board, and I had already been nominated President since the previous two  Boards. I will go to the Congress of SENEC this year in Pamplona, where I will present the logistics of 2016 Congress; In addition, the President of the Spanish Congress invited me to present a lecture.
As agreed at the last AG, the Organization of the 2017 Congress will be responsibility of the colleagues from Funchal. I contacted the President of SPNeurologia – Prof. Dr. Victor Oliveira to do a joint congress SPNC-SPN as it was done in 2009 and 2012 NEUROs. The proposal was accepted, and I’m waiting for a formal response. Madeira Island has excellent conditions for conferences and the junction of the 2 societies would allow us economical benefits.
Determination and courage abound in this Direction, but this task can only be achieved with the participation and support of all of you
Best wishes

In M


Portuguese Neurosurgery is in mourning.

Professor João Lobo Antunes died last October 27.

He was a well-known Portuguese and World neurosurgeon, born June 4, 1944.

João Lobo Antunes graduated in 1968 in Medicine at the University of Lisbon and obtained his PhD in 1983.

He was Professor of Neurosurgery at Lisbon University and Professor Emeritus after his retirement in 2015.

He has been President of the Portuguese Chapter of former SLEN (Portuguese and Spanish Neurosurgical Society), vice president for Europe of WFNS (1990) and president of the EANS (1999-2003).

He was member of the Editorial Board of the journals: Clinical Neurosurgery, Advances and Technical Standards in Neurosurgery, Neurosurgery, Neurocirugía, Acta Neurochirurgica, Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences and the British Journal of Neurosurgery.

Lobo Antunes participated in Portuguese public life and politics and was representative of two winning presidential nominations for Jorge Sampaio and Cavaco Silva.

He was Counselor of State, awarded several Portuguese decorations and was the first Portuguese neurosurgeon to award the SPNC (Portuguese Neurosurgical Society) Medal of Merit (2016) for the excellence of his neurosurgical life.

Apart from 200 scientific articles he produced, he was a prolific writer with nine published books.

Joao Lobo Antunes was the winner of Pessoa Award in 1996 that rewards the personality of the year in the scientific, artistic or literary life.

At this time of grief, the SPNC expresses the deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

Paulo Pereira
Presidente da Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurocirurgia 
mail: presidente.dir@spnc.pt |secretariado@spnc.pt